Lev Mikulitski is an Israeli Strategic Planner and Growth Expert with his vision firmly fixed on a bright and innovative future. With extensive hands-on experience transforming businesses, Lev is a powerhouse of passionate expertise. He is an inquisitive mind that never stops questioning and embraces every experience as a stepping-stone to a constantly evolving level of success. He's a treasure trove of managerial secrets that will empower individuals and businesses to act today

in a way that keeps them relevant tomorrow. Lev is happily married and has two kids.


Lev's passion for Innovation, Strategy, and Growth is rooted in a commitment to human evolution and community. It's an approach that has never failed him in helping businesses to reach their potential. Master in embracing the unknown, Lev approaches business with a wider perspective than most. He has identified the crucial pillars of success that must be in place, in both our business and our private lives, to develop a genuinely valuable impact on the world.


Lev holds a BS.c degree in Management and Economics, M.B.A Marketing (Magna Cum Laude),

and various international diplomas from the top academic institutions and commercial firms including the Harvard Business School (HX), London Business School, Duke University, Boston Consulting Group, and more. Also for the past couple of years, Lev served as a Consumer Behaviour lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Driven by truth, knowledge, professionalism, endless curiosity, and an unwavering belief in the power of connection, Lev is fast growing his reputation as a Strategic Growth and Go-To-Market expert of the future. With his sights secured on ‘what's next' and a wealth of insight from his wealth of experience in transforming businesses, he holds the powerful ability to shift dreams to reality on both a personal and professional level for his clients and followers.





Personal and Business Troubleshooting and Growth


Digital Future

and Innovation